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BATUTA Niepoort 2009

BATUTA Niepoort 2009

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Batuta is not made every year and this is only the seventh year that Batuta has been produced. It is a wine of extremes, the tannins are present yet fine and elegant. North facing very old vineyards from Quinta do Carril are the main source for Batuta, but also older vines (about 100 years old) near Quinta de Nápoles are included. Batuta results from a very delicate vinification system where the alcoholic maceration is led to the extreme with very little agressive extraction and all details are taken into account in order to obtain this very complex, fine and elegant wine.

2009 was an excellent year, perfect to produce Batuta, with good amount of rainfall spread during all growing and maturation season, maturation was very balanced without too much hydric stress, with low yields all wines had the perfect combination between concentration and acidity. Harvest was done in September. After rigorous selection both in the vineyard and in the winery, all the grapes were destemed. The natural fermentation occurred in stainless steel conic vats, and wood fermentors with total skin contact over 40 days. The wine passed directly into French oak barrels after pressing, malolactic fermentation was done in barrel and the wine aged for 20 months.

Intense color and aroma with great complexity, earthy mineral character black fruit aromas, spicy notes of black and green pepper, very elegant with mineral tobacco aromas, ends with subtle coffee and toasty aromas. Very tight and precise on the palate, subtle with intense fruit and impressive minerality. Fine and seductive tannic structure, balanced with very good acidity. Everything linked to long last ending, with great persistent. THE EMPHASIS IS MORE ON THE FRESHNESS THAN ON FRUIT. To age many years in bottle.

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